Writing A Goodbye Letter To Addiction

goodbye letter to alcohol template

I was foolish to think that our relationship would continue and continue well. If you are struggling to articulate your feelings about the emotional roller coaster that is early recovery, a letter may be able to help. Either way, writing a goodbye letter to alcohol is a very interesting and successful method.

goodbye letter to alcohol template

What To Do Instead Of Drinking – 11 Ideas To Inspire You

goodbye letter to alcohol template

We seemed to have a lot of those kinda moments, especially towards the end. You are stronger than your addiction, you may just need to remind yourself of this in your letter. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today.

  • It began innocently enough, with a prescription for pain relief.
  • This is (sadly) the nature of addiction.
  • You’ll not be even a part of my future.
  • Not only because I feared the worst for your health, but because you had become the very thing that had driven you to addiction in the first place.
  • Be sure to specify that your love is unconditional.
  • We are changing our names during this divorce back to who we were before you moved in on our lives.

What is Pink Cloud syndrome In Sobriety?

goodbye letter to alcohol template

But I’ve come to realize that I can’t have you in my life anymore. I seriously don’t know if it is you or me. You’ve had such a strong grip on me that I don’t even know who I am today. After all the good times we spent, you ended up ruining my life. Because of you, I’ve spent nights in jail, I lost my license, my job, my marriage, and my kids won’t speak to me. To be honest, when it’s all said and done, I’m probably the one at fault here.

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With our guidance and your concerted effort, you can end your substance abuse for good. You can begin to discover the hope and promise of successful, long-term recovery. To learn goodbye letter to alcohol examples more or to schedule a free assessment, please visit our Contact Us page or call our center today. Lucky for me I finally wised up to all the lies you told me for so many years.

  • End the letter with a strong, definitive closing.
  • This letter helps you affirm your worth and reclaim your time from the addiction that has taken over your entire life.
  • Instead, use the conclusion of your letter to reaffirm your love, summarize your commitment and explain the importance of treatment.
  • These dedicated caregivers will take the time to get to know you as a unique individual.
  • I started a new job, got a girlfriend, and started to forget you.

Explain what you will and won’t continue to do, like ceasing to provide housing if sobriety isn’t maintained or cutting off financial support until treatment is completed. This is a difficult letter to write, and I should have written it years ago. I’m as https://ecosoberhouse.com/ much to blame as you, and I’ve finally decided that we can’t go on like this any longer. You didn’t force yourself on me…I was just as willing to begin our long friendship as you. Take the first step toward addiction treatment by contacting us today.

Express Your Determination to Get Support

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goodbye letter to alcohol template

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